From Out Of Nowhere

by Whiskey HellChild

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doomcrewdec bls and coc style music.a must for any fans of either band. Favorite track: Black Blood Of The Earth.
Rhett Huebschmann
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Rhett Huebschmann I would have bought this album even if it were about a boy who played with Barbie dolls in the tub! This album cranks it out, song after song. Extra special thanks to Zhakathoom for the heads up on this gem!

Title track selected as favorite, because the whole god damn album is great! Favorite track: From Out Of Nowhere.
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Zhakathoom I'm not a huge fan of all the walking dead zombie apocalypse shows that's all the rage on screen these days. Perhaps they just lack a proper soundtrack? But leave it to well executed heavy to restore the faith! A zombie apocalypse heavy metal album that takes you on a ,pictureless but ever so audible, tragic, bloody and macabre dystopian journey. Turns out a zombie apocalypse with a killer soundtrack needs no picture! :D Favorite track: From Out Of Nowhere.
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FROM OUT OF NOWHERE, Whiskey HellChild's first full-length concept album, tells the tragic story of one man's journey through an undead nightmare. From the beginning of his first hand account of the end of the world, he overcomes incredible odds with both the living and the dead, from the rise of an ancient virus, the collapse of the country's government, twisted scavenger survivors, and of course
the zombie hordes that plague the wastelands. Despite all the darkness that surrounds him, he finds a brief moment of peace in saving a female survivor, and falls in love, only to have it taken away, further driving him to the edge of sanity. Seeking revenge on everything around him seems the only way to make everything right, and as the end of his story nears, we see that it's all easier said than done...

This marks the fourth studio album from the Kannapolis, NC band, and took almost a year to complete. Featuring the very last recordings of late drummer Bobby Krimminger, this album is a testament to the drive and ambition that all bands go through every day.


released April 23, 2014

All songs written and arranged by Whiskey Hellchild

Produced by T. Harwood & D. Sheffield

Recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by Terry Harwood at
Sinister Studios

Album artwork and layout by eye pollution



all rights reserved


Whiskey HellChild Kannapolis, North Carolina

​What is Whiskey HellChild? A product of the southern condition?
An unanswered voice among the masses? The answer to these questions are complex. They are both, and more. Whiskey HellChild is pure, unadulterated,southern-fried, original metal.
We fully embrace our heritage. Essentially, we are story tellers. Passing along the things that we have seen, heard, and learned...
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Track Name: The Beginning Of The End
Track Name: Cry For Yesterday
i wanna tear down tomorrow
it's true that nothing is free
you better step aside from all the fear inside
and give youe demons to me

time and time again you kid yourself
while time just slips away
take a look in the mirror, hate yourself
and cry for yesterday

i wanna hold down your sorrow
and keep your anger at bay
your future's been fortold, your body bought and sold
crush those who stand in the way


i walk this wasteland of ruin
i can't make sense of it all
we've birthed an endless tomb from an infectious womb
oh, how the mighty did fall

cry for yesterday...
Track Name: Black Blood Of The Earth
in the quest for power
the corporate lust for more
they drew this ancient evil
from the depths of the ocean floor
compelled by blind obsession
they never seem to learn
the virus now awakened
hidden in the darkness churns

oh how the tides are rising
it's time to sink or swim
this one thing time will never mend
there are places we're not meant to go
deep in the earth where
the black blood flows

they traded poisoned waters
fueled by an endless greed
they sold our own survival
for a cure that's the disease
and from this one disaster

they tried to heal the wound
but with a failed solution
mankind shall be doomed


oh how the tides are rising
oh how the mighty fall
oh how the black blood rises
it's the end of us all...
Track Name: Bring Out Your Dead
Track Name: The Reaping
blood red oceans paint the sky
mother earth, she shuts her eyes
a touch of pain like we can only do
on her back like hordes of fleas
can't see the forest for the trees
perverted til there's nothing left for you

the human plague without a cure
will our legacy endure?
will our children thinkwe done them wrong?
choking on synthetic trust
the system grinds our dreams to dust
we've damaged our own lives for far too long

we can see your lies
the secrets that you're keeping
wounded twisted pride
a broken man is bleeding
are we hypnotized?
the whole wide world is sleeping
darkened planet vandalized
soon it's time for the reaping

count your blessings while they last
your future now becomes your past
the golden calf is not your diety
time to bite the hand that feeds
all our wants outweigh our needs
the culprit here looks just like you and me


soon it's time for the reaping
Track Name: Red Zone V
panic in the streets
this city reeks of death and rotten meat
choppers overhead
chasing down the virus as it spreads

they can't break me, got to survive
they won't make me one of the hive
they can't break me, dead or alive
they won't take me to red zone five

chaos on the front
the watchdogs are always on the hunt
isolate the strain
and disconnect your body from your brain


breakdown on the hill
this house of cards has gravely taken ill
all abandon ship
and separate the masters from their whip
Track Name: From Out Of Nowhere
one day we looked around
and it's if the world went cold
surrounded by these empty shells
it's the dead, they're coming back
and they're crawling from the ground
they've come to drag us into hell
so dig in deep or run and hide
and pray they don't get inside
or you're gonna turn into one of "them"
so, if you do, you know we're comin' after you
and we won't stop
til there's a bullet in your head

i think we're dead inside and i'm terrified
from out of nowhere
this should be clarified but it's classified
from out of nowhere
just like a moth to the flame
don't know who's to blame
from out of nowhere
it's a shame that no one knows
from whence it came
from out of nowhere
from out of nowhere

it's like a horror film to see
the dead return from eternity
dirty bones and rotted skin
and how would you know what to do
when they're shambling after you
and would you know where to begin?
would you run or die of fright
or would you stand your ground and fight
among the living or the dead?
the choice is yours and yours alone
so choose a lot or cast a stone
cause it's a long hard road ahead


i shot my baby down
Track Name: Unlucky
word came down a while ago
but i just got the news
it looks like i'm on my own
with nothing left to lose
crazies to the left of me
destruction my right
live to see another day
if i can make it throught the night

there's a black cloud hanging on my bed
and a murder of crows a-circling my head
i found a face-down penny
where i spilt my salt
and i'm tryin to make it better
but it's all for naught, oh yeah
man, i'm so unlucky

it used to be in god we trust
but now i trust in me
wander through this urban hell
crushed by disparity
the fates have lost their seeing eye
the cards cast to the wind
to face an undead army
where the horrors never end

a black cat crossed my path today
i ducked behind a ladder to get out of it's way
i've seen thirteen skulls
my name is written in red
i hope it's just a nightmare and
it's all in my head, oh yeah
man, i'm so unlucky
Track Name: Buried Alive
i'm a man on a wire
trapped in a world of hate
fear the living, fight the dead
but i'm hoping that
i'll see the sun again
my only freedom in my head

a poison i was gave
they put me in this grave
now i'm screaming
somebody save me
i'm wide awake, never to be saved
but i'm not dead, i'm buried alive
yeah baby i'm ten toes up
i'm buried alive

retrospective torment
a kind that i can't stand
in my six by six by three
the air is getting thin
inside my catacomb
i'm a ghost in the machine


am i doomed to be a skull
upon these walls?
grinning for eternity
a shapeless stain upon
the memory of time
a hopeless entity

Track Name: The Promise
i remember how it used to be
safe and warm in your embrace
and i remember every little thing
a joyful heart you can't replace

carried by the wings of crows
a love that's lost, a love decayed
and as the waning summer sin did glow
i kept the promise that we made

i remember the fire in your eyes
how you touched me on my chest
and i remember how you held my hand
another memory that's repressed


i remember the day it all went wrong
we're all falling one by one
and i remember that look upon your face
as i did what should be done

Track Name: F.T.W.
i'm so sick of this cursed place
a fitting end to the human race

i tried to make them go away
the voices screaming every day
no matter what, they're here to stay
and when i'm done you'll hear me say
fuck the world

i've heard it time and time again
remove the threat from deep within

i tried to make them go away
the voices screaming every day
no matter what, they're here to stay
and when i'm done you'll hear me say
i try to drive the dead away
but they keep coming every day
no matter what, they're here to stay
and when i'm done you'll hear me say

can someone please send me a sign?
before i break and cross that line?
can someone drag me back from hell?
and try to save me from myself?

i've taken more than i can stand
i'll kill you all with my bare hands

Track Name: Vengeance Is Mine
there's no way i'd forget it
i saw your face today
and i know that i'd regret it
so i would make you pay

i'm coming back and hell's coming with me

it kills you if you let it
the things that we have done
old ground, but i'll retread it
taking from each one


if there's a curse, i've said it
i cannot live a lie
if there's a trap, i'll set it
now you all shall die

Track Name: ...Not If I Were The Last Man On Earth
excerpt from "the black birds"
by henry van dyke

then, from the wood, across the silvery blue,
a dark bird flew,
silent, with sable wings.
close in his wake another came, --
fragments of midnight floating through
the sunset flame, --
another and another, weaving rings
of blackness on the primrose sky, --
another, and another, look, a score,
a hundred, yes, a thousand rising heavily
from that accursed, dumb, and ancient wood, --
they boiled into the lucid air
like smoke from some deep caldron of despair!
and more, and more, and ever more,
the numberless, ill-omened brood,
flapping their ragged plumes,
possessed the landscape and the evening light
with menaces and glooms.
oh, dark, dark, dark they hovered o'er the place
where once i saw the little house so white
amid the flowers, covering every trace
of beauty from my troubled sight,
and suddenly it was night...
Track Name: The Bitter End
it's hard to believe
sometimes things are really over
how did it ever last so long?
i've been on my own now
for what seems like a lifetime
and now i'm not feeling very strong
a nomadic lifestyle
has become my existence
but somehow it all seems so wrong
all i have now are my thoughts
and my memories
that's how i keep on keepin' on

this revelation - yes, hell is real
my separation fuels this bitterness i feel

the end cometh quickly
yet it seems even sooner
watching the world so slowly rot
you're pushed from the womb
while you're kickin' and screamin'
the while of your life already bought
the slave is the master
when the master lies decaying
will he still do what he was taught?
in all, it was nothing
but a blantant misdirection
was this the knowledge that i sought?


i've struggled so much
it'll last me for a lifetime
it's hard to see the lesson learned
there's no looking back
'cause there's nothing left to look at
all of the bridges are burned
gaunt in my stature and
hollow in my features
how many loved ones have been turned?
i'm filled with hunger
and it gnaws me from the inside
another body that's returned

Track Name: Rise Above
i've tried so hard to be the man i am
but am i the man i'm supposed to be?
a life that's lived filled with regret and doubt
is a life that's filled with misery

all you can ask from your fellow man
is to lend a helping hand and
try to do the best you can
then one day like the call of the mourning dove
we will rise above, one day we will rise above

the hands of time relay a simple truth
in the hourlgass we are all the sand
the greater purpose that we're searching for
we've mostly failed to understand


i won't try to be "enlightened" anymore
i'll just try to be
and i won't be the prisoner anymore
longing to be free...

Track Name: Epitaph
excerpt from "faces" by walt whitman

i see them, and complain not
and am content with all.
do you suppose i could be content
with all, if i thought them
thier own finale?
this now is too lamentable a face
for a man.