Primer (Anniversary Edition)

by Whiskey HellChild

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Eight years ago Whiskey HellChild released their debut album, PRIMER, to the masses. Now digitally remastered and remixed with extended and alternate takes, the album takes on a breath of undead life. Also featuring five previously unreleased songs, the massive run time of almost 80 minutes makes the PRIMER Anniversary Edition a must have for the fans.


released July 22, 2016

All songs written and arranged by D. Sheffield and T. Harwood
Produced, recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by T. Harwood
Remastering by T. Harwood
Copyright 2008/2016 All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Whiskey HellChild Kannapolis, North Carolina

​What is Whiskey HellChild? A product of the southern condition?
An unanswered voice among the masses? The answer to these questions are complex. They are both, and more. Whiskey HellChild is pure, unadulterated,southern-fried, original metal.
We fully embrace our heritage. Essentially, we are story tellers. Passing along the things that we have seen, heard, and learned...
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Track Name: Smoke In Your Eye (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T. Harwood)

Green & dizzy
The monkey on your back is comin' home
Feeding frenzy
You take all you can get when you're alone
Blind & pissy
Your promises are weak and dry as bone

Everybody's after me lookin' for a tragedy
Gotta have a reason to die
Gonna take it all from me, agony & ecstacy
With smoke in your eyes

Rollercoaster stopped
Your sunny skies are slowly turning black
It's lonely at the top
Once you taste the fear you can't go back
A chainsaw in a butcher shop
I'm gonna hit you like a heart attack

Solo - Dale & Terry

Locked & loaded
Open season on the ones who care
Something exploded
A hail of bullets slicing through the air
Judgement corroded
You'll be free in your electric chair

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Gravedigger (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T. Harwood)

i've seen the earth die twice
paid for sins with my sacrifice
all alone buried underground
scream to myself in the lost and found

the sun don't shine
i'm dying to be saved
a slave to time
here i rot while you dig my grave

ive heard the voice of doom
as i sleep in my darkened room
say a prayer for the dying man
when i go will you hold my hand?

solo - Dale

i've felt the chill of the night
been forever since i've seen the light
say a prayer when i'm laid to rest
place a rose upon my chest
chorus 2x
Track Name: The Reaping (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T. Harwood)

Blood red oceans paint the sky
Mother earth she shuts her eyes
A touch of pain like we can only do
On her back like hordes of fleas
Can't see the forest for the trees
Pervert it til there's nothing left for you

The human plague without a cure
Will our legacy endure?
Will our children think we did them wrong?
Choking on synthetic trust
The system grinds our dreams to dust
We've damaged our own lives for far too long

We can see your lies
The secrets that you're keeping
Wounded twisted pride
The broken man is bleeding
Are we hypnotized?
The whole wide world is sleeping
Darkened planet vandalized
Soon it's time for the reaping

Count your blessings while they last
Your future now becomes your past
The golden calf is not your deity
Time to bite the hand that feeds
All our wants outweigh our needs
The culprit here looks just like you and me

Solo - Dale

Soon it's time for the reaping

Count your blessings while they last
Your future now becomes your past
The golden calf is not your deity
Time to bite the hand that feeds
All our wants outweigh our needs
The culprit here looks just like you and me

Solo - Dale

Soon it's time for the reaping
Track Name: Invisible (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T. Harwood)

It's not unusual
to find a place to hide
It's like a ritual
when I feel the hate inside

Is it mutual?
You're the one for me
Is it sexual?
That's the way it has to be

I'm not invisible
There's no one else to blame
I'm not the invisible man
You don't even know my name

It's only natural
for me to be this way
It's not consensual
The way I wanna play

Solo - Terry

Is it chemical the way you make me feel?
Is it possible that you were never real?

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Shit Kickin' (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T. Harwood)

Well I'm a son of the south, born and raised
And yet I'm still amazed
With all the bullshit comin' from your mouth
About the way that I am, and what I am
And how I do not give a damn
When the outside man tries to rob me blind
Just like Uncle Sam

I'm a wanted man
I got no time but I got big plans
Whiskey HellChild
Got the throttle open and I'm runnin' wild
It's the damage done
I'm lookin' out for number one
On the run
One shit kickin' black heart son of a gun

Now you can call me a fool, I don't care
But you best beware
Cause I can bring the pain with such a simple tool
With a kick of the pan, stroke of my hand
I can take you to the high command
And you could understand
That highway is my holy land

Solo - Dale

Well I was born in the south, and hell was raised
And yet I'm still unphased
This fuckin' bullshit fallin' from your mouth
About the way that I am, and what I am
And I still do not give a damn
When the inside man tries to rob me blind
Just like Uncle Sam

Track Name: Sweet & Low (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T. Harwood)

She's been walkin' the streets again
Got to find a lover
It's party time when the daylight ends
She's out to find another

Uh, Alright

Hey little mama I know you got a secret
Gimme some sweet & low
Hey all the people know you got a secret
Tell me how low can you go?

She got a dirty little body to sell
She's incognito
And you know she's gonna do it well
Love you from head to toe

Aw, Alright

Solo - Dale

She gonna wrap me in her lovin' arms
But will it cost me?
That's when she told me it was 50 clams
And that's when she lost me

HA, No way

Chorus 2x
Track Name: At The Gates Of Hell (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T. Harwood)

Blood in your eyes but your hands are clean
Now they've locked you away
The innocent die because of your lies
And you're there to stay
Said you were God and fed 'em some pills
So your flock must obey
You're a punchline to a tasteless joke
A psychopath cliche

I'm the man who takes the pain away
I'll be here until your judgement day
Throw your pennies down the wishing well
All I'll meet you at the gates of hell

White Bronco speeds away from the scene
with some blood inside
It's your DNA all over the place
But the crime you've denied
If the glove doesn't fit then you must aquit
But justice isn't blind
Not every man gets the dream team
Let the world decide


I'm the cause of suffering, you see
An endless imagination of misery
You had better live properly
Cause sooner or later you come to me

Solo - Terry

Blood on your hands, blood on the streets
From your master plan
Strike down the weak eliminate
To shield a sinister man
Purge the unclean and gather the wealth
From the fatherland
Cleansing the nation with fire and hate
under your command

Track Name: The Stranger (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T.Harwood)

I've seen the road behind that leads me home
Some place I went to hide but now it's gone
I walked a million miles to break your heart
But these memories, they tear me apart

And it's been so long since you ripped my soul into
And it's been too long now I'm comin' back to you

Seasons change and so do I
There's never time for a last goodbye
Lovers come and lovers go
We're all just players in a TV show
I know my love it don't live here anymore
And i'll always be, and i'll always be the stranger

I walked the line and now my journey is done
A tragic comic with an empty gun
I'd kill myself just to see you smile
But your broken promises make it seem worthwhile

Track Name: S.T.F.U. (remastered)
(D. Sheffield/T. Harwood)

Who are you to change my ways
And tell me I'm livin' in sin
Who are you to disrespect?
Tell me where I went so wrong again

I can't take anymore
of your religious lore
Conrtradicting the truth
With the sinner removed
Don't lay your blame on me

It's gonna take the hand of God
To make me slave to your society
It's gonna take the angel's fist
To make me a slave of your conformity yeah

Who are you to pray for me
And cry for my damnation
Who are you to point and stare
And stone me with your propogation

Bass solo - Terry
Solo - Dale

Who are you to twist the words
And tell me I'm gonna burn
Who are you to bend the rules?
Enough to make my stomach turn

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Route 666 (remastered)
(D.Sheffield/T. Harwood)

On the devil's highway, pedal to the floor
Gotta ride the thunder
And I'm comin' back for more
White knuckle nightmare, shiftin' down too fast
Gonna put the hammer down
I know I'll never last

Driving in the fast lane in a dead man's turn
Gotta taste the danger
I was always born to burn
Speeding like a madman, one hand on the wheel
Got a Hemi in my pocket
And a dick that's hard as steel

Red light, Green light GO GO GO
Bound for glory runnin' fast & low
Gasoline I'm runnin' out of tricks
Gotta get my kicks on Route 666

Harmony Solo - Terry / Solo 2 - Dale

Only the good die young or so they say
Don't need no memories
I'm livin' for today
Motor oil & cigarettes, 20 foot of Cadillac
Drivin' myself away from here
And I ain't never comin' back

Chorus / Solo - Dale
Track Name: Desperation Part I (remastered extended version)
(D.Sheffield/T. Harwood)

Desperation calls to me
Break these chains and set me free
Time to lay it on the line and leave this life behind
Desperation in the light of day
Hope is just a world away
Time to lay it on the line and leave this hell behind
Track Name: Desperation Part II (remastered)
(D.Sheffield/T. Harwood)

Tell your friends I'm comin' home
I ain't gonna stay in here alone
I gotta see the light of day
Somehow I will find a way

60 days down in the hole
Makes the warden feel control
How can I end this punishment?
When I give him sweet torment

Desperation, Life is killing me
Deliverance, The truth will set me free

Midnight hour is soon at hand
The time has come to set the plan
15 years have come and passed
I feel the freedom in my grasp

Chorus / Solo 1 & 2 - Dale

Clawed my way from the pit of hell
Earned my scars and I wear them well
Bloodhounds search for where I hide
But I came out clean on the other side

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Desperation Part III (remastered extended version)
(D.Sheffield/T. Harwood)